We deal with company turnover and consulting businessmen. Without a properly chosen business model in the long run no company will be profitable. The aim of any enterprise is to generate the maximal profits for the owner without unproductive costs. System Ras has dealt with establishing, selling, and transfers of companies  both in Poland and abroad for years. The experience gained during this time allows us to act efficiently even in difficult situations. Our activities from the beginning to the end are concentrated on the benefits of our clients and on providing them with the best solutions.

Our offer of company management comprises:
-          Registration of Polish and foreign companies.
-          We have for sale readymade companies (which have never conducted any business activities) from a variety of countries, and companies with an established economic status and infrastructure.
-          We buy companies at different stages of development and from different areas.
-          We offer you a prestigious localization of a virtual office and a full service of your email account.
-          We offer legal services including preparing statutes, company transformations, declaring bankruptcy of companies and natural persons, etc.
-          We design business cards, help you locate your website, we check the competition.


Only starting a business?
Or maybe you want to reduce the costs of operating the offices?
Virtual office is an alternative to the expensive cost of renting and running your own office. We offer a prestigious location and full support for your email, fax and telephone numbers and organization of meetings. Because the office is virtual you can use the agreed hours of the office to meet your business partners. We are the owners of the offered offices, which guarantees a stable and long-term cooperation. You do not have to worry that in half a year, your company will have to change the address because the owner terminates a renting contract with the company which provides services for you.
The offered services:
address for the company, handling incoming mail notification for email and SMS, support of outgoing mail, scanning emails.
Prestigious location, saving time and money, professional service, clear principles of cooperation, discretion and loyalty, competitive prices.
For our clients we provide legal services in the following areas:
- consultation
- New contracts
- Preparation of court documents
- Transformation of companies
- Compensation
- The purchase of liabilities
- Civil and criminal cases
- Preparation of statutes
- Conducting bankruptcy procedures for companies, individuals, etc.
Dear Clients,
We offer you independent professional services in accounting, bookkeeping and taxes.
We specialize in the so-called full accounting (trade books) for micro, small and medium-sized companies and other legal entities. We also offer bookkeeping of small businesses in the form of book revenues and expenditures. We provide accounting services for trading and service companies, as well as foundations.

We offer, in particular:
-services in the field of taxation and record keeping, documentation, tax records and tax declarations for VAT and income taxes
-keeping records of income and expenses
-preparation of documents required by the Central Statistical Office and the Polish National Bank
-representation in the case of tax audits
-preparation of financial statements-balance sheets
-financial reporting for accounting and management in accordance with customer standards and requirements

We specialize in tax consulting, not in accounting documents!
Website design is one of the main services provided by us. Our customers are companies from the sector of large and medium-sized enterprises. Quality, usefulness, aesthetics are the main objectives, which we emphasize during the construction of web pages.
In our offer you will find a simple template sites ideal when starting your business activities, as well as services prepared for special order with personalized graphics.
All sites created by us are responsive, which allows the correct displaying your website on all current mobile devices - tablets, iPads, smartphones, etc.
Websites are the most effective tool to promote a company, a product or a person. Currently, it is difficult to imagine a modern company that is not present in the Internet.
Properly constructed Web page allows you to build a positive image of the company (product, person) to strengthen and modify it. A well designed website allows you to reach a large group of potential clients.. Offer details at 8PIĘTRO
Arrange a consulting meeting with real professionals.
Our effectiveness stems from the selection of the right people. Each of the consultants specializes in one specific field. The strength of this strategy is gathering a number of professionals who create together a unique consulting team.
The world is full of companies that offer ineffective solutions. The fact stems from a mechanical approach to the client and from the application of standard solutions to all customers. As a result, the clients receive only part of what they want to achieve. The faulty approach is caused by the improper handling, namely corporate scheme being like a relic.
Small businesses put emphasis on the sale of consultancy services in terms of self-employment, namely relying on their own knowledge. The result of this state of affairs is the launch of the added value in the form of interesting options. However, you get a solution only for one problem. Medium-sized companies go a step further, they are able to serve the customers to a greater extent, but at this level professionalism is blurred, since such solutions lead to greater efficiency, but often, the quality of consulting services leaves much to be desired. The largest companies, commonly referred to as corporations, put emphasis on mass consulting actions, but it is like showing good face to a bad game. Precursors of the change in this approach are modern business entities, that is those which do not generate costs. They do not have large expensive offices, subsidiaries, etc. They distance themselves from the hiring of staff, have other ways of advertising their business, they create a different model of Public Relations